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Knitting? Kno Problem!

Ok, here's the thing. It takes awhile for my talent to catch up with my imagination. (think...millennium) I can visualize something quite clearly - producing it...well, that's another story.

Case in point: I have been actively attempting to knit a baby hat and kimono for my nephew's new son. I've been working for over a month, the baby arrived yesterday. There's a small caveat - I don't knit. Well, I've made lumpy scarves - but that's it.

No matter. THIS child would have something lovingly created by my own hands. I was in California in September, saying goodbye to this child's grandfather, my brother. David succumbed to the cancer invading his body just a week later. This child will carry my brother's name - and his heart. I'm so very, very happy about that.

But...I still need to finish the kimono. I did manage to learn how to knit in the round (on four needles!) and made a darn cute baby hat! The first two went to my girls - they would only fit dolls. (I'm hoping this babe's head isn't overly large!)

It's the kimono that's giving me issues. It didn't help that last night the dog splashed my "It's a boy" glass of celebratory wine onto the unfinished garment. My wonderful husband helped me get out the stains - through my sobs.

So....It's only halfway done - the easy half. I'm not sure I even understand the directions for finishing the neckline - let alone have the talent to carry it off.

I WILL finish - and it WILL fit! Right??????

Must stop writing and go knit - before the baby's head outgrows his really cute hat!

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