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Caroline Habitat 5K Race

Caroline Habitat’s 3rd Annual Halloween-5K DASH/1 Mile Fun Walk

Sunday, October 23, 2010 @ 9 a.m.

Lake Creek Court, Federalsburg Maryland

(Registration begins at 7:30 a.m.)

Early Registration: $20.00 through Friday,

10/14 guaranteed Race T-Shirt

Late Registration: $25.00 after 10/15- Race Day

Sleepwalker Registration Option: $25 to stay in bed, no sweat and contribute to CCHFH

Registration forms can be downloaded from the Habitat website at http://www.carolinehabitat.org

Or call- 410 479-9200


The Joys of CrossFit Nation - Melanie's Story

Melanie's Story

My Crossfit Journey began in April 2010 with my neighbor Diane saying that she loved the new gym she was going to.  So much so that she was getting up everyday at 5:30AM.  I thought to myself, ‘How does she get up that early?’  Diane then said, “You should come one day with us, we are going at 3:30 PM this Friday.”  In my head I was thinking, “maybe I should give this a shot.” I was feeling a bit anxious and I came up with an excuse to not go that Friday.  (At that time, I would not have called it an excuse, but I do now.)  As soon as I made the decision not to go that Friday, I could not help but to feel some draw to the gym.  So in the same conversation that I gave my excuse to Diane, I said “Hold me to going next Friday.”  And Diane did and thank God that she did.  That Friday, April 2, 2010 began my Crossfit Journey and a major lifestyle change.

I drove to the gym that Friday feeling a bit anxious but excited.  I really had no idea what to expect.  That day only Diane and Jamie were at the gym, so I think I had a really good initiation into the gym.  Aaron was there that day and they really tailored the workout to my abilities (which was nothing at the time).  I have some interesting memories of that first workout.  I remember I was using a PVC pipe to practice my weightlifting moves and I thought that was difficult, as I had no idea how to keep my form.  But through the whole workout, Aaron was patient and really good at explaining what I should be doing.  He was also very encouraging.  I also remember doing a lot of box jumps.  I was dying on a 6 inch box.  As I looked at Jamie and Diane, they were on the 24 inch box.  I thought how in the world are they jumping that high, repetitively.  Towards the end of the workout, I was actually stepping on that 6 inch box.  After the workout I was tired but I felt really good about making the first step toward a more healthy life.  The workout was modified enough that I felt my muscles were worked but not overwhelmed!  So as I drove away I thought I can do this!  So Diane and I made plans to go on Monday morning at 5:30 AM. 

So Monday morning came and that was going to be my first meeting and workout with  Leah.  Diane picked me up at 5:10AM that Monday morning.  I slept horribly that night as I kept thinking I was going to oversleep and not hear my alarm clock.  My kids had previously been my alarm clock.  I got up and got dressed and was ready to go.  We get to the gym and the “workout of the day” or in Crossfit lingo, WOD, was Black Jack.  For those of you unfamiliar with this workout, you start with 20 push-ups and 1 sit-up, go to 19 push-ups and 2 sit-ups, and then work your way down/up to 1 push-up and 20 sit-ups.  Without a moment of thought, the modification for me was to start at 11 push-ups and 10 sit-ups.  Let me just say, I was dying by the end of my “half” workout. At some point, Leah had to stand on my feet to give me more leverage.   Most of the workout I felt like I was going to vomit!  But in that same nauseous moment, I felt my body coming back alive.  I was having an epiphany.  This was something that I was going to do!  I was instantly addicted and I was going to make Crossfit apart of my life. 


New Jazzercise dance-fitness classes will open in Stevensville on Tuesday October 5, 2010.  Lisa Marshall, certified Jazzercise instructor and Jeannie Weitzel, certified instructor and owner of Kent Island Jazzercise, are pleased to announce our new location and to offer you a special “new location” deal. Come out and and celebrate our opening   and pay only $69 for the rest of the year plus joining fee.

            Kent Island Jazzercise is located at 204 Duke Street in Stevensville, MD.  Six weekly classes will be held at The Dance Connection.

            “I’m excited about the growth of Jazzercise locally,” said Weitzel.  “Jazzercise offers a unique blend of fitness and jazz dance that Eastern Shore  residents have discovered is a lot of fun. The new classes will just make it easier for participants to enjoy a workout where and when it’s convenient for them.”

Frederick Douglass Honor Society/YMCA of Talbot County 10-Mile Race & Celebration


May 1, 2010

Retrace the 10-mile path Frederick Douglass walked from St. Michaels to his confinement at the Talbot County jail in Easton after a failed escape attempt in April 1836.

His imprisonment at the jail set the stage for a sequence of events that led to his eventual escape to freedom. His accomplishments changed history and made extensive improvements in the lives of all Americans.

Walkers, runners and wheelchair athletes will retrace this historic route to raise monies for the creation of a memorial to honor Frederick Douglass on the Talbot County Courthouse lawn. Half of the race proceeds will be given to the YMCA of Talbot County.

After the Race, join the Celebration in Easton, now commemorating its 300th anniversary…lots of music, food, vendors and fun!

For more information or to register, visit www.frederickdouglassymca10miler.com/.



Pre-natal Yoga Class

Prenatal Yoga:
A special drop-in class for mommies-to-be! 

 Sundays   9:30-10:30 am

$15 per class 

Pregnant woman
Appropriate for all trimesters, prenatal yoga at Evergreen Cove allows time for expectant mothers to connect with their changing bodies and developing babies.  Modified postures and supportive props will be used to help mothers-to-be nurture their bodies while increasing their physical strength, stamina and flexibility.  No prior yoga experience required.  

Are you a runner? Would you like to be?

Ask any runner, and he or she will say that running is one of the easiest and least-expensive ways to maintain lifelong fitness. Running is for everybody, no matter your age, gender, shape, or size. The benefits to your cardiovascular system, strength, and emotional well-being are worth their weight in gold, and joining a running club makes it a social outlet as well!

Running ROCKS brings together the old and the new, from seasoned athletes to beginning runners, from adults to kids, from marathon junkies to weekend warriors, from individuals looking for a running buddy to entire families.

Saturday morning runs will begin at Idlewild Park at 8 a.m., starting November 7.

Annual dues are $25 for individuals, $15 for students (preschool to college), and $30 for families.

Club Benefits*

  • Saturday a.m. runs complete with maps, coaching advice, and running buddies.
  • Training programs to meet your race or fitness goals.
  • Kids’ programs, including training for fun runs and 5Ks and conditioning for spring or fall sports.
  • Workshops and discussions on topics of interest to runners.
  • Reduced registration for Marathon ROCKS.
  • And more!

Taking your life to.. .Another Level!

by Aaron Hutt
I want to start by expanding your thoughts about What Is Fitness. When we think of the definition of fitness many of us think of distance runners or bikers as the fitness people on earth, but the what definition for fitness is used?

The term fitness is hard to define and thus is used by many, including us to validate their particular training style. The closest we can get, and the one we use is the ability to adapt to life’s needs. So if you’re only need is to run 26.5 miles from the police then yes being a marathoner is for you! If you only need to stop trains, then power lifting is for you. You get the idea. While being very good at one area… it doesn’t guarantee greatness in another and excludes many of us fro enjoying even a taste of success due to some natural constraints.

I have come along a group of physical skills that can be the foundation of a fun, and effective start into total fitness, and I promise not to be too technical:

Cardiovascular/Respitory endurance- the ability of the bodies systems to process, gather and deliver oxygen

Stamina- The body’s ability to process, store, and use energy

Strength- The body’s ability to recruit muscles to exert force

Flexibility- The ability to maximize range of motion of a given joint

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