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Welcome to the Homeschool Adventure!

Homeschooling on Maryland's Mid-Shore is growing! Every year more families decide to join we sanity-challenged folks who have accepted responsibility for the education of our children.

We're not always sanity-challenged, of course. But when you mix together a houseful of kids, animals, life, chores, books and educational goals - and then add OUR personal and work goals - things tend to get ....complicated. Having said that, our homeschooling journey has been one of the most fulfilling choices of my life - and I can see the difference it makes to our children.

An important part of homeschooling is finding your own tribe - other like-minded homeschoolers. We're not a blanket group - everyone is different, and not everyone's philosophy of life and education will mesh with your own. It's wonderful to have your own homeschool community. Not only do the children enjoy the friendship of other homeschooled children - but we parents find support, direction, reassurances and friends.

I'm happy to report that all five of the mid-shore counties offer homeschooling classes and a homeschool cooperative program, where families gather once a week to offer classes to their children. There are also Eastern Shore umbrella groups which offer you an alternative to county reviews. Most of these groups also offer group field trips and special events.

May these pages grow to offer support, information and a gathering place for all.

Happy Homeschooling!

UMD Extension 4-H Health & Wealth Club

UMD Ext. 4-H Health & Wealth Club at Robin's Nest Floral & Garden Center – Youth 8-18 - Herb Gardens & Cooking with herbs.  Hands-on learning activities.  RSVP 410-822-1244

Amazing Animal Art Adventure for Kids

Class Times: Saturdays March 12, 19, and 26, 3-5 pm
 Location: Aesthetic Alternatives Studio, Sherwood

Price: $15 per student, per class, materials included

Does your child love art and animals?  This fun and exciting art class offers young artists opportunities to draw, paint and sculpt while discovering the wonders of the animal world. Children in this class will learn realistic art techniques, discover animal artists of the past, and study a variety of animals through art.  Projects will include:  zoomorphic lettering, animal illustrations, animal paintings, animal sculptures and much more! Take one class or take them all for a special discount. Registration and RSVP required. Visit www.outsideartlessons.com to register.

Sumi-e Painting in the Wetlands for Kids

August 17, 9am-noon, Environmental Concern Wetland Education Center and Campus, St. Michaels , Call 410 212-9320 for price.

Sumi-e is a type of traditional Chinese painting using black ink. Many painters throughout Chinese history were inspired by wetlands and the animals that inhabit them. This camp will give kids and opportunity to experience this inspiration themselves by trying the traditional eastern approach to painting wetlands animals and water while learning about the amazing animals and characteristics of them.  Traditional Chinese painting media, such as the bamboo brush, sumi-e ink, rice paper and suzuri inkwell will be demonstrated. With most of the camp held on the banks of Environmental Concern’s wetlands, there will be many opportunities to paint beautiful wetlands scenes inspired by eastern painting styles and Chinese painting tradition. RSVP required by calling 410 212-9320. 








Sumi-e Seascapes

 June 26, 1-4pm, July 24*, July 25, 1-4pm, Claiborne, $40 per/s,            (*class rescheduled for Plein-air Easton Event)


Young artists in this class will learn the eastern approach to nature and seascape painting. Chinese painting tools, such as the bamboo brush, sumi-e ink, rice paper and suzuri inkwell will be used to make beautiful monochrome seascapes! Call 410 212-9320 for exact location and to RSVP.  Visit http://outsideartlessons.com/summerwonderwkshps.aspx for more information.


Summer Seascapes- Painting at the Pier!

June 28-30, 1-4pm, July 26-28, 1-4pm, Claiborne, $100 per/s,materials incl.

Sailboats, sea nettles, sand, seashells and more will be explored through art in this fun three day workshop at the Claiborne pier and beach! Young artists from 8-14 years will have opportunities to observe the life and life forms on the Chesapeake while learning how to draw and paint them. Artists will have opportunities to draw, and paint with a variety of media and learn techniques from a professional artist. Call 410 212-9320 to RSVP and for exact location. 


Sumi-e Seascape Painting for KIDS

Young artists, ages 8-13, will learn the traditional eastern approach to nature and seascape painting in this outdoor class in Claiborne.  Students will learn about traditional Chinese painting media, such as the bamboo brush, sumi-e ink, rice paper and suzuri inkwell. Each young artist will have opportunities to create beautiful nature scenes and seascapes inspired by eastern painting styles and Chinese painting tradition. Actual class on May 23, 1-4pm $30, materials included. RSVP required by calling 410 212-9320. Registration information at http://outsideartlessons.com/artwrhshpkids.aspx

Early Bird Art - art class for kids!

                                                              May 29th, 9-11am Pickering Creek Audubon, Easton 
Wake-up with the birds and explore the amazing world of our feathered friends in this fun morning art workshop. In the tradition of the famous bird artist and orinthologist, John James Audubon, young artists in this class will learn about a wide variety of native birds through artistic study. Materials included. RSVP required by phone. 410 212-9320. Go to http://outsideartlessons.com/artwrhshpkids.aspx to register!

Chesapeake Cartoon Creatures-art class for kids!

May 15, 10-noon, Phillips Wharf Environmental Center, Tilghman 
ONLY $20 PER STUDENT! Kids ages 6-12 are invited to meet the cartoon character and real life Phil the Crab in this fun and exciting cartooning workshop at Philips Wharf Environmental Center on Tilghman Island. Kids will also learn how to draw cartoon characters while meeting some of the amazing creatures of the Chesapeake Bay in this fun two hour class. All participants will be entered in a lottery to win a T-shirt with their character on it! RSVP by phone required. Call 410 212-9320 or register online at http://outsideartlessons.com/artwrhshpkids.aspx

Homeschool Curriculum Book Fair

First Class Homeschool Co-op of Dorchester will be holding our first annual used curriculum and book sale.

When: Saturday, May 1, 2010

            9am - 2 pm

Where: Sunnyside Alliance Church

            6010 Sunnyside Ct.

            Secretary, MD 21664

A bake sale table, Hot Dogs, Chips and sodas will also be available for purchase.

If you are interested in setting up to sell your homeschool curriculum there are spaces available for $5 and $10.

For more information please contact Valorie Thomas at: 410-943-4480

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