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vụ đánh bạc trên mạngCambridge Celebrates 325th Anniversary!

Dorchester CountyDorchester CountyThe City of Cambridge is celebrating 325 years of heritage in our community. To commemorate the occasion, the city is seeking local partners and event planners to assist in making this a year long community event.

This historic community, established in 1684, has many valued traditions and a rich heritage that continues to be celebrated. A glimpse of historic High Street and the expansive historic district showcases the legacy of our past. Small museums honor our culture and traditions by preserving our Underground Railroad, maritime, colonial, Native American and agricultural heritage. Many events, too numerous to mention, are also centered on heritage that offer connections and cultivates pride in our community...

Fall in Love at Talbot Humane

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Zoe: "A lap without a cat is like a day without sunshine!"Zoe: "A lap without a cat is like a day without sunshine!"

Talbot county homeless animals are incredibly blessed - they have the wonderful folks at the Talbot County Humane Society on Route 50 in Easton! My family and I had a wonderful visit there recently - and everyone walked away feeling great!

To be quite honest, I usually avoid animal shelters unless I'm actively looking for a pet (which is NOT that terribly often). I always feel guilty for not taking all of them home with me! This place was different. No air of desperation - just enthusiastic animals and wonderfully helpful employees!

Jiggs, Sweetheart Pit-BullJiggs, Sweetheart Pit-BullWe were there to take pictures of one of the dogs, a beautiful male brindle Pit-Bull who has spent most of his young life at the shelter. Jiggs greeted us enthusiastically, but calmed down as soon as we left the building. He spent a while sniffing all the various - apparently delightful - aromas that abounded in the outdoor exercise area, then began playing with us. He was an amazingly sweet boy - I was seriously tempted to take him home (but our 10lb Rat Terrier Queen, Jadzia, would never tolerate such an outrage).

Once Jiggs was returned to his dog run we greeted several more dogs, from tiny puppies (with amazingly sharp teeth) to an older Rottweiler mix that greeted us eagerly. The entire area was clean, bright and cheerful.

Best yet, once a dog has been accepted into the shelter's adoption program (meaning it has passed many tests - health, temperament, etc.)it remains until it finds a forever home. (which explains why Jiggs is still smiling after 8 months) I like that. I like that a lot, actually....

Marathon ROCKS Preconditioning Program to Start Saturday, Feb. 28

by Amy Eutsey

Marathon ROCKS TrainingMarathon ROCKS Training
Before you know it, spring will be here, and after that is swimsuit season...yikes! We'll all be looking to shed the winter pounds and dust off our bones for regular outdoor exercise. Consider joining the Marathon ROCKS team this year...even if you haven't run before!

Really, Marathon ROCKS is good for you, and by joining, you will also do something great for the young people of Talbot County.

On February 28, we are starting a marathon preconditioning program to ease you into a regular running program. We will start with doing more walking than running at first, and then over the next 10-weeks will have you running 3 miles like a pro. If you are new to running or haven't run in a long while, consider coming out. Walkers are welcome too....

Let's Hear it for Home Businesses!

Cyndi Paxton Johnson: Mid-Shore Life &  Johnsons' Consulting, LLCCyndi Paxton Johnson: Mid-Shore Life & Johnsons' Consulting, LLC

How many of us have dreamed of having our own business? We're not looking to go head to head with Donald Trump, we simply want to support ourselves, our dreams and our families by utilizing our skills and talents. Maybe we want to work from home - taking on a few select clients while raising our children. Some of us may actually have to go into an office to work - but we still are on our own - we're independent businesspeople.

It's scary on your own. You know you're supposed to contract out for services outside your area of expertise - but consulting firms seem to be geared to larger businesses - who can afford larger price tags. Your small businesses don't require a team of engineers or security clearances. How do you find the services you need to grow - at prices you can afford?

You work with other small/home businesses. These are the folks that understand your needs, your goals and your financial restrictions. Look in community papers and websites, get word of mouth referrals from others like yourself, and simply ask around. The larger organizations are busy trying to land government contracts and serve larger businesses - find someone who specializes in small/independent and home businesses!

For websites - I certainly recommend you talk with ...

Running to the Aid of Talbot County’s Youth

100 Local Marathoners Raise Money for YMCA Facility

Local Runners Celebrate!Local Runners Celebrate!

Easton, Maryland — To create positive change in their communities, some people run for political office; others run charitable organizations.

And some people, like those volunteering with Marathon ROCKS, run 26.2 miles.

Beginning May 9, approximately 100 local residents will train to run at least one marathon or half marathon in the fall. Their goal (aside from crossing the finish line) will be to raise money for the new youth development facility (scheduled to open in 2010) at the YMCA in Easton.

Under the coaching support of Amy Eutsey and Lea Ann Robinson, co-founders of Marathon ROCKS, Mid-Shore runners will train for the Virginia Beach Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon (September 6) or the Marine Corps Marathon (October 25). Some will even run both. To participate in the 18- or 26-week training programs—which welcome everyone from non-runners to hard-core athletes—participants agree to raise at least $1,000 in donations for the YMCA youth facility.

Coffee Cat: What's In a Name?

By Travis Mamone

The Coffee Cat in EastonThe Coffee Cat in EastonMany of you have noticed several changes with Coffee East coffee shop in Easton, MD, especially their name. Is it Coffee East, Coffee Cat, Night Cat, or what? And will anything else change? Hopefully this will clear things up.

Coffee Cat is the café portion, where you can order lattes, sandwiches (try the chicken Panini with goat cheese!), and pastries. Night Cat is where you can see live shows every weekend from a variety of artists. It’s the same building, of course.

But why change the name? As you may or may not know, the coffee shop is now under new management. The same people who now own Coffee Cat also own Hair o’ the Dog Wine and Spirits. So to keep with the pet theme, Coffee East

Team Trivia Nights: Show Off What You Know!

Andy's in ChestertownAndy's in Chestertown

by Erin Mawn

“How many Campbell’s soup cans appear
in Andy Warhol’s famous painting?”

That is the question that cost me $40 a few weeks ago. Well, not really. I could have gotten a forty dollar gift certificate if I had gotten it correct, but how was I supposed to know how many cans of soup were on that canvas? Does anyone know? You might be surprised by how many otherwise useless trivia tidbits people know, but don’t have the opportunity to share with their peers.

Trivia night at Andy’s in Chestertown gives local residents a chance to show off their knowledge of well, pretty much everything! The questions range from science (“What creature is of the genus Hippocampus”?) to popular culture (“What song was Men at Work’s first single in the US”?. In case you’re wondering, the answers are ‘seahorse’ and “Who Can It Be Now?”).


vụ đánh bạc trên mạngGalena Dogwood Festival


The annual Galena Dogwood Festival is set for Saturday, May 9, 2009. It will take place throughout Galena from 9:00 -5:00 pm.

Chickens are tough!

One Tough ChickenOne Tough ChickenIt has started getting cold here on the shore. (Not as cold as Tok, Alaska, -78F last I heard) It has been getting down into the 20s at night and, of course, we are concerned for the newest members of our family.

This is our first winter with chickens and I have been having nightmares about getting up one morning and finding 8 chicken-sicles hanging upside down from the perch in their chicken coop. Guess what, chickens are a lot tougher than they appear.

Dixon's Auction at Crumpton

by Erin Mawn

The Place to Be on WednesdaysThe Place to Be on WednesdaysOld sewing machine? Check. Salvaged corbels from Victorian building? Check. New Kids on the Block lunchbox with matching thermos? Check! These are just a few of the more interesting items I have brought home after a day at Crumpton. For those of you in the loop, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But, for those of you that don’t, I’ll explain.

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