My Brain Went on Vacation and all I got was this Filthy T-Shirt!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

I can count the number of actual vacations I've taken in my lifetime on one hand.  Recent years the count goes down to one finger! It seems "Vacation" has become synomonous with visiting relatives, or working around the house.  Now that we're self-employed "weekends" have virtually disappeared, as well.  We're always trying to do more, and there's ALWAYS more to do.  A vacation seems as realistic as a self-cleaning refrigerator and self-emptying trashcan. (and if you find one of these treasures - LET ME KNOW!)

Turns out - it doesn't matter how much WE want to WORK! Our wonderful, complex bodies know what they need - and are in a position to get it! This past week, for example, my brain went on vacation - without me.  It did NOT request vacation leave - nor leave a contact number! I hope it's having a wonderful time, exploring new worlds and new civilizations. Yeah - since I'm stuck here - brainless - I've been filling the hours with Star Trek re-runs. Luckily, I had to wait around anyway - for the Sear's repairman. Our BRAND NEW hi-tech washing machine is broken.

So I sit here, waiting for the repair-man in my crumpled, slightly stinky shirt. I'd like to write something catchy, inspirational and memorable. Uh........nope. I've got nothin'.  Hopefully, my brain will return soon - refreshed and ready to take on the world!

And I hope it brings me CHOCOLATE!!!

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